Advest Investment Group™:

A Legacy of Dedication to Client Service

Our Past


Advest-mug.jpgThe original company Advest represented the culmination of many mergers and acquisitions dating back to the late 1800s.  What made Advest so special was their values: Values of service excellence and the ability to adapt to change within a fast changing industry while maintaining the heart and soul of the company.  It is a company and name that will forever be part of the history of financial services in the state of Connecticut. 

They say change comes to all things, and that was also true for Advest, Inc. After a series of acquisitions, the original company closed its doors almost 20 years ago. But that distinctive culture that made the original Advest so memorable now lives on with so many individuals - both former clients and employees. 


Our Present


Advest-coin.jpgOur commitment to service excellence is the foundation of who we are. The old saying “Everything old becomes new again” speaks to our culture today. We are committed to delivering the excellent service that our clients are accustomed to and deserve. We know that investing is about more than just stocks and bonds. It’s about people, relationships, goals, ideas, risk, and living. The most important part of any investment solution is you.

When you visit our office, you’ll see a nod to the original Advest in the form of a mini museum of old pictures, swag—even old school trade confirms—to remind us of where we came from. But where we are today is even better. Today our commitment to service excellence is backed by advanced technology and resources so you can truly make the most of today.


Our Future


We picture big things - a vibrant energy that spreads across generations and families.

Because while we may be old-fashioned in some ways, those serve as the way forward.